We act globally
We focus on quality
We focus on professionalism

A few words about us…

Global Trade Company started the business in 2011 and attained strong and stable market position in a short amount of time, what is our great success. Glodal Trade possesses very good opinions that is characterized by credibility and reliability due to very good management and effective decisions. The quality of the services provided and forthcoming products is our main mission.


Global Trade mission is to provide comfort in many establishments all across the country as well as within the European Union. All offers prepared by our company are, first and foremost, the guarantee of quality and comfort for our clients. We strive to offer top-quality products both in terms of functionality, comfort and aesthetic.


Global Trade offer aims to broad market area. We reach to hospitals, hospices, residential homes, hotels but also to various kind of private and public institutions. Global Trade proposes various medical devices including mattresses, duvets, bedclothes, wheelchairs, and also medical equipment such as medical oxygen, breathing apparatus and many more. Our products meet the most demanding clients expectations. Moreover, due to the wide range of our offer the target population constantly increases from day to day.

Why choose us?

Global Trade company is established by experts. You may count on good, professional and competent service, as well as our help to find the right products. We work in order to meet the clients expectations so, if necessary, we are at your disposal. Our wish is to maintain long-lasting commercial relations, which is resulting in bilateral satisfaction.